❊ workshops ❊  

Kefir Queen workshops create an authentic memorable experience and provide you with the knowledge to confidently ferment at home.

Fermentation is an age old technique that has its place amongst many cultures in many forms.

In recent times, this traditional craft has seen a resurgence in popularity because of increased awareness of fermentation's  powerful health properties.

Microflora, as they are often called, break food down into nutrients our bodies can readily absorb, protecting us from potentially dangerous organisms, and teaching our immune system how to function effectively.

Living bacteria are present in the delicious concoctions of water kefir, kombucha, sauerkrauts and kimchi.  These products give your digestion the boost it deserves for the health and wellbeing of you & your family.

Kefir Queen workshops focus on kimchisauerkraut, water kefir, kombucha preserving vegetables.

There are practical presentations as well as hands on experiences for all. 

You will be provided with everything you need to know to bring a little bit of fermentation into your life, including beneficial nutritional information. 
Tasting platters of Kefir Queen ferments and a selection of probiotic beverages are available to share.

Workshops are guided by Penelope Wiltshire, the Kefir Queen.  

Penelope hosts either group classes or  private sessions with the cost of the workshop varying.


“This is not just about fermentation....but about food more broadly. Every living creature on this Earth interacts intimately with its environment via its food. Humans in our developed technological society, however, have largely severed this connection, and with disastrous results...moving towards a more harmonious way of life and greater resilience requires our active participation...we can become creators of a better world, of better and more sustainable food choices, of greater awareness of resources, and of community-based upon sharing. For culture to be strong and resilient, it must be a creative realm in which skills, information, and values are engaged and transmitted: culture cannot thrive as a consumer paradise or a spectator sport. Daily life offers constant opportunities for participatory action. Seize them.”