Our stall at the Eco Fiesta Cairns 2018

Our stall at the Eco Fiesta Cairns 2018


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Kraut & Kimchi

We produce all our ferments in our purpose built fermentary in Port Douglas, Far North Queensland, Australia. I say we as it's me and all the microbes and my super chop chop besties that love to massage veges with me! Our current range of Krauts & Kimchi have something for everyone. Sauerkraut is an age old favourite, made predominantly of cabbage. Kimchi is traditionally Korean meaning fermented vegetables with spices. After reading Sandor Katz's 'The Art of Fermentation' I have discovered the art of making Kraut-Chi. This is performed by chopping the cabbage by hand and massaging in some salt until it becomes softer and its liquid can be squeezed out. I then add an array of other vegetables and spices, depending on the recipe, mix all the ingredients together and stuff the jars full to the brim. I ferment in the jars they are sold in as living in the tropics we run the risk of airborne bacteria and a quick fermentation. I have discovered that this way is safest as I'v never had a batch go off or be tainted with an unwanted growth. I have had a lot of fun over the years experimenting with flavours for Kraut-Chi and its become quite an intuitive process. 

Sauerkraut and Kimchi are full of beneficial bacteria that promote the growth of healthy gut flora, relieves constipation, reduces irritable bowel syndrome and protects the digestive tract against many potential diseases. These fermented foods have a large variety of lactic acid strains of probiotics, which help restore beneficial bacteria levels in the digestive tract. It is one of the few foods that contain Lactobacilli Plantarum that has the ability to maintain health of the gastrointestinal tract, enhance the immune system functions, and provide anti-inflammatory benefits to the digestive system. The lactic acid found in fermented foods helps break down food more easily, and thereby acts as an excellent digestive aid. They also contains the Vitamin K2, which is very helpful in conjunction with Calcium and Vitamin D, for healthy bones.

Kraut-Chi is a refreshing and delicious way to get your daily serving of probiotics, weather you like spice or not we have a flavour to suit you. It's so hard to choose a favourite as they are all so delicious!

Kraut-Chi Varieties

Vegan Kimchi

white cabbage, kale, spring onion, onion, garlic, ginger, organic fermented soy miso, Korean red pepper powder & Himalayan salt. Or I do a mix with carrot and daikon radish instead of kale. Both are exquisite and have an mouth watering aroma that you will crave or have your family members asking you to remove it from the fridge, you’re always a winner KimChi!

Penang Archer

white cabbage, cucumber, moringa, macadamia nuts, turmeric, spring onion, chilli & Himalayan salt. Our tropical garden and Malaysian inspired creation, Penang Archer is the tastiest kraut bursting with flavour in every mouthful.  Compliments any dish!

Purple Haze

red cabbage, white cabbage, green papaya, garlic, caraway & Himalayan salt.  Your little warriors, older folks and everyone in between with love the flavour burst in this jar of goodness!

Papaya Spice

green papaya, white cabbage, carrot, spring onion, organic fermented soy miso, chilli, mint, macadamia nuts & Himalayan salt. Inspired by our tropical garden and the Thai dish Som Tum, Papaya Spice is a fresh & spicy sensation. And the papaya's are picked on the morning of creation!


white cabbage, dill & Himalayan salt. Respecting the ancient tradition of sauerkraut with dill and nothing else. I get a sweet lychee taste while eating this, it's a must have for your little warriors first foods.


red cabbage, white cabbage, carrot, fresh coriander, fennel seeds & Himalayan salt. Exotic floral aroma, and sweet tangy taste.  An overall winner for any tapas plate!

Green Goddess

white cabbage, kale, spring onion, turmeric, ginger & Himalayan salt. One of my first creations full of healing ingredients, a tasty addition to your meals or straight from the jar! 


red cabbage, white cabbage, carrot, ginger, turmeric, chilli & Himalayan salt. Another of the original creations full of anti-inflammatory healing foods, a spicy, sweet & sour mix, great addition to your meals.


All of these wild fermented Kraut-Chi are made with locally grown fresh vegetables. Chopped and pounded by hand, infusing love with beneficial microorganisms present on the raw & living produce. Fermented foods are created in an anaerobic condition with the action of microorganisms; the conversion of sugars and carbohydrates into organic acids. Microorganisms live in every part of the biosphere and are an imperative part of human wellbeing. Microflora as they are often called digest food into nutrients our bodies can absorb, protect us from potentially dangerous organisms, and teach our immune system how to function.

Enjoy as a condiment with your meals. 2 tablespoons is sufficient if you are new to fermented foods. Every mouthful is bursting with flavour and beneficial probiotics.

This product is alive and active so it may fizz once opened. Keep Refrigerated.


Water Kefir - Tibicos Water crystals meaning 'feel good'

Water Kefir was the first experiment that I began with enthusiasm because my children loved it. One thing everyone should know is that Water Kefir is extremely active, or volatile I like to call it... quite dangerous kept in bottles that you cannot burp.

Water Kefir is fermented with the 'tibicos' culture, filtered water and a sweetener which can be any kind of sugar; raw, coconut, white, molasses or rapadura. I prefer rapadura as it's the first process off the cane and contains the most minerals, it also gives the kefir a deep rich flavour. I ferment this brew for 2 or 3 days depending on the temperature, it does need care and attention for good results. 

After loads of research on the origins of tibicos my understanding is it was discovered in Mexico in the late 1800's, where it grew on the Opuntia Cactus. Traditionally they fermented the tibicos crystals in pineapple juice and sugar or the skins of pineapple to make a fizzy beverage called 'tepache'. I have successfully made tepache using only the skins of an organic pineapple covered in water for three days, it's very fizzy and taste's divine!

Water Kefir is teaming with probiotics, it's a deliciously refreshing beverage and is naturally carbonated, with a yeasty smell and crisp earthy taste. During the fermentation process the colony of bacteria present in the tibicos consumes the sugar, producing a magnificent array of beneficial bacteria, enzymes, organic acids, and a range of B vitamins, vitamin K and folic acid. Sometimes when its been fermenting for a long time which causes more yeasts in the brew, it can contain a tiny amount of alcohol unreadable on a hydrometer as it's under 1%. This warm fuzzy feeling is also due to the vast array of B vitamins and is why water kefir is dubbed 'feel good'.

I produce a small batch each week for our community market and stock a few shops (listed on the stockist page) the most popular flavour being – Turmeric, Ginger & Lemon. I also create Coconut Kefir using fresh juice from our surrounding trees and a sugar free version where I use organic raisins instead of rapadura sugar. 

Kombucha & Jun

We make a mean Kombucha, with locally grown Daintree black tea and rapadura sugar, flavoured with freshly squeezed local limes and pressed ginger. It's fermented for approximately 10 days and is slightly vinegary just like it should be.

Our Jun is made using the same process however it's with organic green tea and local honey from my friends farm up the road. Jun dosent take as long to ferment usually being ready by day 7, it's fizzy and light like an exquisite champagne.  

Kombucha and Jun are probiotic beverages made from tea, sweetener and a SCOBY. “SCOBY” stands for symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeasts. During the fermentation process the colony of bacteria consumes the sweetener, producing billions of beneficial acids, enzymes and probiotics. They are both naturally carbonated and a great alternative to soft drinks.

Fermenting Kombucha and Jun is a little less time consuming than Water Kefir and they are less likely to die if neglected when life gets busy. Most of the sweetener is devoured during both processes leaving minimal effect on the consumers blood sugar. 

The active nature of these beverages is why I only sell locally, so if you want to try please come visit us at the Mossman Market. I can also send the cultures in the post .... just ask :)

450ml Jar of Salad Sprinkles $8

50gm Jar of homegrown Moringa Powder $12

2 T of Water Kefir Tibicos crystals $10

Kombucha or Jun Scoby $10


Price List

400ml Jar of Kraut-Chi $10

500ml Jar of Kraut-Chi $12

1000ml Jar of Kraut-Chi $20


I can tailor a post pack to suit you, using Australia Post Express.

There are two options within Australia; up to 3kg for $20 or up to 5kg for $28

At Kefir Queen we collect recycled jars and bottles from the community for all our ferments. We then clean, sterilise and add new lids. The environmental impact of glass production causes atmospheric emissions from melting activities which we choose not to contribute to.